Member Highlight - Leona Vreeman

10/14/2020 15:43

Leona is Bev Woldhuis' sister who lives near Portland, OR. She loves doing quilts for Cancer Kids and members of the group  love gifting her fabric so she can keep up the great work! Leona lost her husband to cancer and suffers from MS herself. Bev got her involved in project Linus in Eau Claire and when the group decided to start doing quilts for kids suffering from cancer, Leona had found her calling.  Her goal is to create 40-50 quilts each year, and Bev picked up 39 quilts their last trip over during the summer.

Quilting truly is therapy and a way to give love to those you will never meet or know. This is Leona's inspiration to keep her hands and mind busy using her quilting talents to give comfort to children struck with cancer.