Cancer Kids Charity - Quilting with Love

09/15/2020 11:01
Highlight on Sharon Volrath - About 8 years ago when I was elected I had an idea that was close to my heart.  I suggested we make quilts for cancer kids.  Everyone said ìt was a great idea.  We have been making quilts for Spirit of Christmas, so we added the new project with great enthusiasm. We discussed it and all agreed there is nothing better when your sick than a warm cuddly blanket.  I made a deal with the group and said if they made them I would quilt them.  
We contacted UWM children's hospital and they were really excited to receive them. Every fall around October I transport them there.  We continue to make them.  We use our own fabric, time and talents to send our love to these children. Even during this Covid virus we continue to make them until we can safely give them to the kids.  Stitching Pals are a great group and I haven't  keep an exact count but we have donated about 500 comfort quilts to the kids.