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Using a glue stick to do binding from your backing - video link

06/08/2021 13:53
I found this great video on YouTube, with a tutorial on creating your binding from your backing using the help of a glue stick.  It's magical!  Then I found a bottle of Roxanne Glue-Baste-It and now I use this to help finish all of my regular bindings on quilts.  I'll expand on that...

What is your favorite tip or trick, pattern or quilting site?

05/31/2021 20:47
We will be adding the wisdom and quilting tidbits from the group here.  Stay tuned!

January 2021 Retreat

01/11/2021 06:00
If you would like to attend the January 2021 Retreat at Bridge Creek Cottage on Jan. 11, 12,& 13,2021  be sure to give your deposit of $25 to Kathy Bell.Call her and let her know: 608-865-0126 if you plan to attend. To check out the site, go to

Member Highlight - Leona Vreeman

10/14/2020 15:43
Leona is Bev Woldhuis' sister who lives near Portland, OR. She loves doing quilts for Cancer Kids and members of the group  love gifting her fabric so she can keep up the great work! Leona lost her husband to cancer and suffers from MS herself. Bev got her involved in project Linus in Eau...

Chippewa Valley Quilt Show

10/03/2020 09:00
This year will be our 6th annual quilt show, presented by the Stitching Pals Quilt Group, Chippewa Falls, WI.  October 3rd & 4th from 9 AM to 4 PM at Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds.  Admission $5.00. Free convenient parking/handicapped accessible venue.  **Covid Health...

Cancer Kids Charity - Quilting with Love

09/15/2020 11:01
Highlight on Sharon Volrath - About 8 years ago when I was elected I had an idea that was close to my heart.  I suggested we make quilts for cancer kids.  Everyone said ìt was a great idea.  We have been making quilts for Spirit of Christmas, so we added the new project with great...

Meeting-Irvine Park

07/06/2020 04:30
Our meetings are currently being held at Irvine Park up on the hill at 4:30 each Monday. Many bring their evening meal to munch on at the meeting.

Paper Piecing Video

03/21/2020 00:00 › watch     ▶ 9:58    

Chippewa Valley Quilt Show

09/22/2018 00:00
2018 CHIPPEWA VALLEY QUILT SHOW Presented by Stitching Pals Quilt Guild, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin *Location: Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds, Chippewa Falls, WI *Dates: October 6-7, 2018 Times: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm All Quilters Welcome – Viewers Choice Award – Any Size Quilt *ENTRY...


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